What Is Graphics Card (GPU)? What You Need To Know


Most people don’t know what GPU or graphics cards is and what it does on our devices. This article is made for you to get a better understand of what a graphics card is and its purpose. Groups of people who know most about graphics card is the gamers, this is because GPU is the most important and vital component on a gaming device like PC, laptop or a tablet.

What does a GPU do?

The basic answer of what a GPU does on your device is that the GPU makes sure that it powers graphics on a machines display. The graphics or images you see on your screen is made possible by the graphics card you have in your device. GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit, but most people just simply calls it graphics card.

The history of graphics card is that this component was coined by one of the biggest chips manufacturer in the world – Nvidia. In 1990s graphics card became popular competent that powers graphics to you screen and their popularity has as since become bigger every year.

The reason why they were designed in the first place was that so they could handle intensive graphics rendering tasks. Even though this job could be down by the CPU, the CPU can only render basic tasks and that where the graphics card comes in and does the extra work required with much more power.

What a GPU get used for the most are – high-quality gaming, producing graphics, render models on 3D, video and picture editing and machine learning. This is some examples of what most people use it for and its more out there.

Integrated vs. Dedicated GPUs

There are two types of GPUs in the market today, integrated & dedicated. The answer of what they are  lies in the names. A dedicated graphics card is a separate graphics card attached to your system’s motherboard, while integrated graphics card on the other hand is a graphics card that is on the motherboard itself.

The integrated graphics card doesn’t come with its own Ram and is dependent on the system Ram. So, if your device comes with 8 GB of Ram, then the integrated graphics cards uses those 8 GB of Ram. Meanwhile the dedicated graphics card comes with its own Ram known as VRAM.

When people are building their own computer, they often use one or more dedicated graphics card that is connected to the motherboard of that computer to get the best performance on their computer. Gamers or crypto miners is a well-known groups that use the dedicated graphics card for different purposes.

When it comes to manufacturers of dedicated graphics cards, Nvidia and AMD are the biggest names and companies that you should know about when it comes to graphics cards. The difference in chips from these two companies are not big or are basically the same.

What Kind Of GPU Should You Buy?

Like most hardware components, this depends on what you are going to use them for. We can first start with budget.

When you want to buy a GPU you first have to have a budget and depending on that budget you will either get a good GPU or a bad one. With a premium budget you get a premium graphics card, but you have to ask yourself is it worth to spend a lot on a GPU when you are just going to use it for basic needs.

For most user the mid range price of couple of hundred dollars usually gives you a great graphics card for your money. In this price range you get a GPU you can use for most games, that have decent life span and that doesn’t consume a lot of power.

After you have figured out which price range you are in, then you have to look at three other factors – compatibility, connections and power.

In compatibility you have to make sure that the GPU you will buy is compatible with your device like laptop or computer. In this stage you have to find out about the space you have available in your device. This information can easily be found.

The next step is to find out connectivity options, which is the ports type that you need for graphics card. Basically, how you are going to connect your GPU to a monitor with ports. What you will come a across is DisplayPort, HDMI or DVI ports that is used mostly on graphics cards.

The next thing you should think about is the power supply. On this stage you have to look at The GPUs wattage, the number of six- or eight-pin PCIe.

Ones you have done all the steps above, then you are set to buy a new graphics card(GPU) for your needs.

We hope you found this article informative and that we answered all the questions you may had about graphics cards. Leave us a comment below if you have a question or like to share information about graphics card that you mean we should include in this article.  


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